Brian Johnson

Brian Johnson
Research Scientist

Brian and his teams are responsible great search results for the eBay Marketplace. The words “Did you mean…?” are incredibly meaningful to Brian as he combs through a universe of queries altered by synonyms, acronyms, attributes, expansions, filtering, and spell corrections.  Brian is responsible for query reformulation, spell correction, and spam removal as the Director of Engineering for the Search Science Recall & Spam teams at eBay.  Brian has been at eBay since 2002 in a variety of engineering management roles, including search metrics, crowdsourced human judgment, classification, data publishing, and browsing.  Prior to eBay Brian was at Handspring, Excite@Home, Synopsys, and AT&T Bell Labs.  Brian received his PHD in Computer Science from the University of Maryland in 1993.  His papers regarding visualizing hierarchical and categorical data with Treemaps have been cited hundreds of times.